Monday, July 5, 2010

Let the Ideas Flow

So Willing has sorta taken a back burner. Not really, but kinda. Wow, that makes such great sense, doesn't it? Oh yeah. Ok, well, anyway, I'm still working on Willing and still working on the sequel, Undoing, but now I've got another project too. Crazy, huh?

Ok, here's the truth. I'm scared about what the email from Debbie Marrie is going to say when it comes and I don't want to touch Willing or Dominic or Nic until I read that rejection or whatever it might be. I'm hoping it's not a rejection but who knows? Karen Schurrer from Bethany House told me in her rejection letter that my characters were one-dimensional and she thought it was going to have too many coincidences. So maybe it's not as good as I thought it was - and I didn't even think it was that good! Oh well. What happens, happens.

Anyway. I've started writing a Chicken Soupy type book. Lots of short stories. Right now I'm submitting them to various magazines, hoping for a column. The title of the column/book is "Loving the Unlovable" and all the stories are about camp. They all have the central theme of showing Christ's love even when that is hard to do. I've got 7 so far and I have a break this week so hopefully I can write a lot more!

Right now, my favorite is one about Dewey and Noah. It paints such a good picture - I really like it. Ok, well I'm gonna go now. I think I'll go finish Race to Witch Mountain, the movie I was watching last night.

Ok bye!