Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts to Chew On

This summer, I worked at a camp. It was awesome but there was a girl there who was a really good counselor. She started out the summer with her twin sister also working at the camp. Her twin sister didn't feel like it was the right place for her to be and so she left. Our camp director put it this way: if sister A hadn't come to camp neither would have Sister B. Sister A may have left but perhaps her reason for being at the camp was so that her sister would be there.

Maybe the same thing applies to my book. Maybe Dominic's story isn't all that important at all. What if his story merely served to plant the seed for Nic's story? So maybe I should just continue on with Nic's story and forget all the parts that made it a continuation of Dominic's story. Not the President's son, no Secret Service, no horses. No Kade. Not in the future. No babies.

Is that the real reason behind Dominic's story? Did he serve just to provide ammunition for Nic's? Was that all Dominic was? Just a prop to get to the real meat?

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I wrote a song. Well, actually, I've written more than one song but here is one of my new songs. It is called Gone. Enjoy!

Where have you gone, how could you leave me? Said you’d always be there, never let go. And now you’re gone, never to return, not coming back and where do I go from here?

I waited by the window watching for you to come up the walk. I knew you wouldn’t lie to me that you wouldn’t leave me but now my doubts creep in. Cause now you’re gone, never to return, not coming back and where do I go from here?

Is this the end is this goodbye is this where we part ways? I can’t believe, don’t want to believe that this is it but in my heart you will always be with me. So now you’re gone, never to return, not coming back. I must go on from here.

You like?

Monday, October 18, 2010


You're cringing already, aren't you? A blog post about Economics? What is this world coming to? Nah, stop panicking. This isn't about Economics. It's about the lack thereof. I'm sitting in Econ right now, "taking notes" and cruising the Internet. I really don't like Economics. Days like this, when I'm hearing about super massive labor markets and football, I wish I hadn't changed my major. If I was still an early childhood major, I could be drawing with crayons and playing Duck, Duck Goose right now. Instead, I'm learning about monopolies and oligopolies. Gross!

Anyway, I have writer's group tonight so that's something to look forward to, I reckon. Today, I think I'm going to read chapter 1 of my romance but I'm not sure they'll like it. Last time, I read a chapter of Willing and they really liked it but I don't know if they'll like my romance. So I'm a wee bit nervous. But we'll see. Anyway, I want to get out of this class. Guess I should go and pay attention. See ya!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's get it started in here...

Today I attempt something new. Something I've not done before but something I am super excited about trying! Are you ready for it? You are? Sure? Ok, here goes nothin'.

I'm going to spend ALL DAY writing. Well, I'm going to the Miss NGU pageant tonight at 7 so maybe not all day but from now till about 5:30 or 6, I'm gonna be a-writin'.

I got the following all set out and ready to help me achieve greatness:

1) Ipod
2) Water
3) An easily accessible food drawer
4) Comfy clothes
5) Fleece blanket in case I get cold
6) Tylenol just in case
7) Idiot's Guide to Writing Christian Ficiton
8) Computer
9) A Voyager episode for breaks
10) A Star Wars book for breaks
11) My man journal for inspiration

And I am ready to go! So let the party begin! I'll keep you updated!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Do you listen to the Speaker or the Words?

So lately, God's been hitting me over the head with a two by four. Repeatedly. I will be the first to admit that I'm not the brightest crayon in the box but mostly it's because I'm stubborn. Like really stubborn. So last night's message at BSU really hit home for me.

Jody, our BSU director, talked about Psalm 50 and how so often, we get caught up in WHO is talking that we don't focus on WHAT is being said. We spend so much time trying to figure out if it is really God who is speaking to us that we don't listen to what He is saying to us.

I've been struggling with this lately because I'm doing my best to obey WHAT is being said. I'm hoping to be a summer missionary with NAMB next summer and I'm open to full-time missions. I'm not focused on the audible Voice but rather on trying to discern what is being said. That's hard but I recommend the book Radical as a tool to help. It's very, very good.

The following song lyrics are from a song that emphasizes what I wrote about. It is called "Follow You" by Leeland, featuring Brandon Heath. It is amazing.

You live among the least of these:
The weary and the weak.
And it would be a tragedy
For me to turn away.
All my needs You have supplied,
When I was dead You gave me life.
How could I not give it away so freely?

And I'll...
I'll follow You into the homes of the broken,
I'll follow You into the world.
I'll meet the needs for the poor and the needy, God,
I'll follow You into the world.

Use my hands, use my feet,
To make Your kingdom come.
To the corners of the earth
Until Your work is done.
'Cause faith without works is dead,
And on the cross, Your blood was shed,
So how could we not give it away so freely?

And I'll...
I'll follow You into the homes of the broken,
I'll follow You into the world.
Oh, meet the needs for the poor and the needy, God,
I'll follow You into the world.

I'll follow You into the homes of the broken,
I'll follow You into the world.
Oh, I'll meet the needs for the poor and the needy, God,
I'll follow You into the world.

And I give all myself,
I give all myself,
And I give all myself to You.

Oh, and I give all myself, (I give myself)
Yes I give all myself, (Lord, I give myself)
And I give all myself to You. (I give it all to You)

(Lord I give it all to You)
I'll follow You into the homes of the broken, (All to your name)
I'll follow You into the world. (I'll follow You)
I'll meet the needs for the poor and the needy, God, (Poor and needy, God)
I'll follow You into the world.

I will follow...
I'll follow You into the homes of the broken,
I'll follow You into the world.
I'll meet the needs for the poor and the needy, God.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll!

Was it just yesterday that I heard all about how I needed to establish a name for myself, get something going so that I could have writing to back me up when I pitch? And not just, oh, yeah I'm working on two novels now, but something in publication. Wasn't that yesterday?

Oh, yes. It was. Shows how things can change in just one day.

Today I went to work - nothing new. Came back to school and headed to my 3 hour Recent America class - fun, fun. Anyway, we took notes on The Korean War and McCarthyism. Fun stuff. Could be worse. Anyway, then Dr. Cook starts talking about how he's asking some of his upper level students to write biographies for a book he's writing that will be PUBLISHED internationally. The biographies will be small but they will get your name in print. Should there be any pay at all, it will be minuscule. But, the plus side is that when I go to query agents, I can say I have been published in an internationally acclaimed and read book. So yay!

Ok, other piece of good news. I got a BRILLIANT idea for a new book today, and with the help of Rachel, Carrie Anne, Joanna and Audrey, it is going to be awesome!! I can't wait. It's a romance and it should be pretty stinkin' awesome. I am going to set a goal of 5 pages a day - we shall see how long that will last. Haha. Ok, I'm gonna go get started. Bye!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Depression 411

I figure I'm about an expert in this. Depression, bitterness, chucking all things pertinent at the farthest wall and hoping they hit with a bang - after all, my hopes and dreams have just crashed and burned.

Today, in my Fiction Writing class, we had a guest speaker - a published author - come and speak to us. My desire is to be published. Like, no lie, I want to go into a bookstore and see my book on the "Featured Author" table. I wanna do book signings and get movie deals and become a household name. But, for now, I'd settle for just getting published. I know I don't have the next Animorphs or Harry Potter. I'm not deluded. I think my book is good, I think it has potential. But the problem is that I don't know if it has ENOUGH.

We were told today that 1 in 10,000 people get published. That's a LOT of people. Who am I to think that I can be that one? Who am I to think I am good enough? But then I got to thinking.

Let's figure that half of those 10,000 are terrible writers. This is assuming that perhaps I am slightly above average.

That leaves 5,000. Out of that five grand, let's assume that half are average writers.

That leaves 2,500. Out of that twenty-five hundred, let's assume that half will give up before finishing a manuscript.

That leaves 1,250. Out of that twelve hundred and fifty, let's assume that half will give up after the first rejection. I'm being optimistic here.

That leaves 625 who will persevere.

Now the odds are 1 out of 625 that I could get published. Why?

Because I will not give up. My novel is above average. I've completed the manuscript and am well into the sequel. I've been rejected - I'm still going.

I will be that one. I will be the one who perseveres. I will be the one who gets to see her dream come through.

How about you?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rising Hope...Good or Bad?

I usually damp down the hope. Keep it buried and then I can't get hurt. Let it out, let it rise and there's a chance I can get hurt. And I'm one to take hurt and turn it into something drastic. So usually I don't hold my breath for anything. Can you blame me?

This time, though, I let my hopes take off and soar. I met this guy who seemed almost too good to be true (shouldn't that be a sign to me?) and so I let myself hope that maybe he was the real deal. He likes Animorphs, science fiction and being sarcastic. He's not had a "real" girlfriend. He's a Christian and he likes to travel and would be open to living in Canada. Match made in Heaven, right? I allowed myself to get my hopes up, he seemed to be "the one." Or at least, there seemed to be a good chance that he could become "the one."

Bad idea.

I should never have gotten my hopes up. It's been over 2 weeks since I last talked to him and so now my hopes have crashed and burned. When am I going to understand that getting my hopes up regarding boys is ALWAYS a bad idea? I hate being bitter and I'd finally gotten into the rut of "I'm gonna be single forever, better get used to it" and then Mike came along. Maybe there was a chance for someone like me. Well, turns out I was probably wrong.

I'm going back to being my weird self. No hope, no dreams. Just me and God.

Well when you put it that way...I'll take me and God over me and a guy any day of the year.

Maybe it's not so bad after all.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get it? Got it? Good!

This past weekend was Focus '10. It was a youth group retreat put on by Real Life Ministries, which is run by Camp Marietta's camp pastor, Jason Patterson. I was blessed enough to be able to be a college leader for the weekend. So today's blog post is going to be about the 20/20 session I was a part of for the weekend.

The 20/20 session was about Discovering God's Will. It was led by Matt on Saturday and Kari on Sunday with myself and Will Howard chiming in every now and then. I learned a lot from both Matt and Kari and a lot from Will that I am now going to share with you.

We talked about Jeremiah. Do you know how old Jeremiah was when he was called to ministry? He was 13. Yeah. In today's society, a thirteen-year-old would probably still be in middle school, watching Wizards of Waverly Place and eating peanut butter sandwiches. Not preaching against corrupt nations. But Jeremiah didn't complain, he didn't talk back. He went and he did as he was told.

How awesome is that? The fact that God can use you no matter your age, your status in life, all of that. He can use you! God is using you now; He's using me.

Will brought up a very interesting point in that God doesn't always speak audibly to you. He might use other people or experiences to shape you for the life he wants you to lead. He might use His Word to get your attention but, just because you don't ever hear His voice audibly in your head, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go.

Kari also pointed out that you have to be discerning in the people you listen to. Pretty much everything you want to do in your life can be mutated to be what "God wants me to do." I want to be a nurse so that must be what God wants me to be. Don't become so wrapped up in what you're wanting to do that you ignore what God wants you to do.

This was a really good 20/20 session and I really enjoyed learning from Will, Kari and Matt. They are all really smart and cool kids!

Hope maybe you learned something from this post!