Saturday, May 22, 2010

Home from Blue Ridge

Whew! This is exciting. I've had a blog before (and will continue to post on it) but it is more for mundane everyday stuff. This will be a blog for my writing. At least, more so than the other one.

I just got back two days ago from Ridgecrest, at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Try saying that five times fast! Anyway, it was a blast. Here's some things I learned.

1) I have not arrived. Try jumping in a lake. Do I walk on water? No. I am not nearly as good as I think I am.

2) I'm not that bad either. A good bit of the advice that they gave in the classes, my book employs successfully. Some not. But it gave me renewed hope.

3) I finally found a genre for Willing to Die. Turns out it is supernatural military suspense. Go figure.

4) I learned how to write suspense, sitting at the feet of the master, Steven James. I'm serious, if you haven't read his Patrick Bowers thrillers, go to your public library right now. Or better yet, the bookstore, as you're going to want to keep them when you're done. I know I'm beating myself up for not buying the Knight as well.

5) Improv is amazing. I love improv.

6) Editors and agents are not as scary as they seem to be - at least not the ones at this conference.

7) And, finally, I learned that this is my dream. I want to write and I love to write. Therefore, I am going to write until my imagination runs dry - and that shouldn't be any time soon.

Now, I am feverishly rewriting so that I can submit and I'm not even feeling overwhelmed.

Word of advice. If you do a complete overhaul of your manuscript, save it to a hard drive. You never know when your computer is going to crash two days after a conference. Praise the Lord that Philberta Bones from the HP online chat with a technician service was able to help me restore my computer and save my files.

And that, friends, is all for now.