Saturday, January 15, 2011

Start of Something New

Wow, I sound like a High School Musical song from the title of this, don't I? Let's hope not. Anyway, just a quick update before I head off to basketball (Cross your fingers my chicas can win, cause I think they're getting pretty tired of losing...) so that you people who creep my blog can get your Michelle fix that I know you've been craving. So here goes.

Well, it snowed last Sunday night into Monday morning - yes, here down in SC - and we got about six inches on Monday which then froze over into sheets of impenetrable ice. Even the roads were covered. Needless to say, North Greenville University delayed their start date a WHOLE WEEK!!! Just when I was ready to go back and see my peeps, nope! I was stuck inside for a whole nother week. Since the roads were terrible (and nowhere was open) I couldn't even escape to the outside world. I wasn't sure the outside world even existed anymore. I watched old TV programs on Netflix, like that old horse racing drama on ABC Family, Wildfire. It's pretty intense. I don't know why I ever stopped watching that, there are totally two hot guys on there! I have watched all my movies over this LOOOOONG winter break and so was digging into the depths of my Movie Boxes to find something I hadn't watched lately. Finally ended up on a X-Men marathon and I love those movies. I'm getting super excited for the X-Men First Class movie!!! AHHHH!!! I love X-MEN!! I also read a bunch of Star Wars books and an old Misfits Inc. book. Luckily, I did not degrade so far as to read school books. And, last but not least, about the third day of my imprisonment, I decided I was going to finish writing my romance novel before the end of this extended break. So I pushed and worked hard and wrote some junky parts but I FINISHED IT!!!! It's 190 pages - will get longer as I rewrite - and is not half bad, if I do say so myself. Some parts don't add up because I changed things as I went along but that's what rewriting is for, right?

Anyway, finally, today, I'm actually up and cracking and ready to go somewhere. My bball team doesn't play till 12 but for some reason, I haven't been able to sleep past eight this whole week. It's like my brain knows I'm supposed to be in 8 o'clock classes, even if the weather doesn't. So I'm up and not having to go anywhere quite yet but might go ahead and go just to have something to do. I dunno. Maybe not.

So this was basically just a Read What Happened To Me blog post but I hope you enjoyed it. I'll bring the next "issue" of my Things I Wish I'd Known article series sometime soon but for now...peace out!