Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopper's Guilt

Shopper's guilt is not fun. I am super satisfied with all that I bought - let me tell you what I purchased before I get into my rant on shopper's guilt. Here's a list:

2 pairs of boots from Belk. Regularly $60 each, marked down to $20 each. A DEAL!!
Rubbermaid containers (40 pcs.) for $9
10-frame photo collage for $7
Skinny jeans from Cato - on sale for $15
A white sweater from Cato
Necklace, belt and earrings from Cato
A plaid belted shirt from Cato

And I think that's it, 'cept what I bought at Charlotte Russe - which didn't fit and will be returned tomorrow. All in all, I did really well, creating an outfit out of Black Friday deals and getting a new pair of jeans and boots in the process.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been shopping for boots. I've been to the Greer Cato, the White Horse Rd. Cato, the Woodruff Rd. Cato, Target and Wal-mart looking. Nothing appealed to me. Every pair I saw was $25+ and just didn't do anything for me. I've also been in the market for a new pair of jeans for a couple of months and photo frames. I told my mom a few weeks ago that I wanted one new outfit for winter. Something hot. So I've been shopping around for that for a while now too.

This morning, my Aunt and my cousin, Callie, and I went to the mall and fought hordes of women (there was pushing and shoving and nails involved) for boots. These are designer boots and $40 off. I couldn't decide on one pair and so got two - one with a heel (a very tall heel) for cultural events and church, and one with no heel for everyday casual wear. I figured I could take one back if I needed to but once I got back and tried them on, there was no chance of that. I was in love.

Then, at Cato, I decided to try straight leg jeans (skinny jeans, or sort of). I have always sworn I will never wear straight leg jeans. But I decided to try a pair - they were on clearance - and the first pair I found worked perfectly! The white sweater I tried on with them was quite nice and once I jacked the necklace off the mannequin, I was good to go. I also got matching earrings (I love earrings) and a butterfly belt, also something the mannequin sported. I had my outfit. I got another shirt too just because.

Now, having just returned from making one more purchase at Wal-Mart, I find myself faced with shopper's guilt. I am not rich and how can I afford this? Luckily, talking to my mom and writing this post has cured me of the disease.

My parents are awesome, there is no denying. They are giving me $100 towards clothes that I bought today for when I go to Canada next summer. So that's a relief. Then, when I think about how I've wanted most of what I bought today for a while and yet waited until I found something I really loved and was on sale, I think I did all right. Yeah, my bank account might be weak now but I think I'll be all right.

So shopper's guilt...BE GONE!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

An article I wrote

Here's an old article I wrote for your reading pleasure tonight! Hopefully, a more interesting blog post tomorrow - we'll see! Enjoy!

I wonder how many of you parents think your college students actually eat vegetables or salads or even meat at school? How many of you think that every day at lunch, your student gets in the meat and three line and spoons green beans, rice, potatoes and ham onto their plate? Well, if you think that, you’re under a serious misconception.

Many colleges offer the meat and three option in their caf. It changes every day, from ham to roast and green beans to okra. But it’s there, at every meal except breakfast, being passed up on by students walking by. Vegetables will be eaten maybe once a day, at most. If that. A salad will be eaten only if the student likes salad or is trying to be healthy but doesn’t want to stand in line. It’s simply easier to head straight for the pizza line or the hamburger line.

Most students, when given the option of pepperoni pizza fresh from the oven or a thin slice of ham and one spoonful of green beans, will choose the former. They figure that the walk over to the caf was enough exercise that they can afford to ingest whatever they want. That’s why they head for the hamburgers that sit in one inch of grease and the French fries that have just had half a canister of salt dumped on them. It tastes better than the healthy stuff. It’s sure not healthier than the healthy stuff but that’s a small price to pay for the taste, right? Yeah, okay.

Plus, parents, your college student probably eats ice cream or three cookies every day. It’s free and it’s relatively delicious, which is why he or she will eat it without thinking twice. They’ve already gained six or seven hundred calories from the greasy hamburger and fries so what’s the harm with adding a few hundred more? As long as it tastes good then who cares about the future? Who cares about how pretty soon, you’ll look like you’re pregnant, even when you’re not? No one! It’s not important. Live in the now.

Plus, don’t even get started on the soft drinks. If you think your student drinks water at least once a day, you’re probably wrong. Probably. Now, there are students who only drink water. And good for them. But they are in the minority. It’s just that there are so many options, who wants water? You can have Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, sweet tea, Sprite, Gatorade, juice, and so many more. What’s the point of getting tasteless water? You can even get water with fruit flavor at North Greenville University. Therefore, most students grab their cup and stick it under the Pepsi nozzle without even thinking twice. To them, it’s just a drink. Again, why think about the ramifications? They’re not important. What’s important is that you go away from your meal thinking, yum, that was good. Think I’ll get that again tomorrow.

So, parents, if you’re wondering why you had to go out and buy new blue jeans for your son or daughter this Fall Break, or if you’re wondering why your daughter suddenly grew a dress size, don’t look any farther than what she or he is eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s where the problem is, guaranteed. And if not there, it’s in their exercising, or lack thereof. Perhaps a confrontation is in order. But remember…be nice. Call it a caf and don’t call them kids. Maybe then you and your college student will be able to communicate. Who knows? It’s worth a shot, right?

This was published in the Greer Citizen earlier this year/last year (I don't remember.) What'd you think?

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Sample Piece

This is a poem I wrote, I don't know when. Well, according to Word, it was November 2nd of last year. So almost a year ago. Interesting. I just looked into my poetry file and this was what I found. You like? It's called:

Till I'm Gone

I’m tired of all of this

Tired of the hit or miss

This is the last tear I’ll cry

Can’t tell me another lie.

I’ve been outside far too long

Singing the same old song

Wondering just how alone

I am when I’m on my own.

It’s here that it’s wrong,

Here where I don’t belong.

I give up, the end, I surrender,

Whatever, now I’m not a contender.

So say your goodbyes, it’s time,

Do you hear the bells chime?

Now I’ll just go, just move on,

And you won’t notice till I’m gone.