Monday, November 1, 2010

A Sample Piece

This is a poem I wrote, I don't know when. Well, according to Word, it was November 2nd of last year. So almost a year ago. Interesting. I just looked into my poetry file and this was what I found. You like? It's called:

Till I'm Gone

I’m tired of all of this

Tired of the hit or miss

This is the last tear I’ll cry

Can’t tell me another lie.

I’ve been outside far too long

Singing the same old song

Wondering just how alone

I am when I’m on my own.

It’s here that it’s wrong,

Here where I don’t belong.

I give up, the end, I surrender,

Whatever, now I’m not a contender.

So say your goodbyes, it’s time,

Do you hear the bells chime?

Now I’ll just go, just move on,

And you won’t notice till I’m gone.

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