Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts to Chew On

This summer, I worked at a camp. It was awesome but there was a girl there who was a really good counselor. She started out the summer with her twin sister also working at the camp. Her twin sister didn't feel like it was the right place for her to be and so she left. Our camp director put it this way: if sister A hadn't come to camp neither would have Sister B. Sister A may have left but perhaps her reason for being at the camp was so that her sister would be there.

Maybe the same thing applies to my book. Maybe Dominic's story isn't all that important at all. What if his story merely served to plant the seed for Nic's story? So maybe I should just continue on with Nic's story and forget all the parts that made it a continuation of Dominic's story. Not the President's son, no Secret Service, no horses. No Kade. Not in the future. No babies.

Is that the real reason behind Dominic's story? Did he serve just to provide ammunition for Nic's? Was that all Dominic was? Just a prop to get to the real meat?

What do you think?

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